Television digital converter

August 26, 2023
New ATSC Digital TV Converter

The list of codes that are valid is extensive, and goes on to include: 028, 029, 030, 031 and 032; also, 033, 034, 035, 036 and 037; furthermore, 093, 132, 140, 149 and 157 are included. Additionally 161, 169, 174, 185 and 186 are included. Finally, 189, 198, 200, 207 or 274 are codes that can possibly be used.

According to the RCA user manual for a television digital converter box, one of these codes – when programmed into the remote – gets an Emerson brand television to respond to signals coming from the remote.

In order to input these codes into the remote, first press the "Program" button, labeled "PGM." It is located in the lower left corner of the remote. The signal indicator light at the top of the remote remains lit.

Next, go to the first code on the list and input it with the number keys on the remote. Press "OK, " and the signal indicator light should turn off. If the signal indicator blinks four times and remains lit, the code may have been input incorrectly.

Now, test whether the code is the correct one by pressing the volume keys while aiming the remote at the Emerson television. If it changes the volume, the code is correct. If the first code doesn't control the television, move to the next number and repeat the previous steps until one of the codes works.

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