Digital terrestrial Television Broadcasting

August 31, 2022
From Analogue to Digital

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DTTV signals are broadcast over essentially the same media as the older analog terrestrial TV signals. The most common circuits use coaxial cable at the subscriber end to connect the network to the TV receiver. Fiber optic and/or microwave links may be used between the studio and the broadcast station, or between the broadcast station and local community networks.

DTTV provides a clearer picture and superior sound quality when compared to analog TV, with less interference. DTTV offers far more channels, thus providing the viewer with a greater variety of programs to choose from. DTTV can be viewed on personal computers. Using a split-screen format, a computer user can surf the Web while watching TV.

In regions not served by cable, DTTV is generally impractical. For this reason, digital satellite TV (DSTV) has become popular, especially in rural areas and in some small towns. A few city dwellers prefer DSTV even when they have the option of subscribing to DTTV.

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