Best HDTV antenna Indoor

March 23, 2023
The best hdtv antenna indoor
Even better than promised! Posted by: JessDFacts from: Inwood, WV on We recently moved to a small rural town and decided to "cut the cord" by getting all our TV from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. I also decided to add an outdoor antenna in order to receive broadcasts from TV stations in the Washington, D.C., area about 60 to 70 miles away from my home. I consulted with an "expert" and was told that no antenna would work - not so much because of the distance but because of the mountain range between my house and the broadcast towers. Based on that, I decided to purchase the Winegard FlatWave Amped Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna so I could watch the three or four regional stations broadcasting from Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. I was STUNNED by the results! Despite my remote location, the Winegard picked up all the regional channels plus more than a dozen others from the D.C. and Baltimore areas! The pictures are crystal clear and very stable. I never expected such amazing results from a small indoor antenna and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to eliminate cable or satellite TV expenses.

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Not as I had hoped, not adequate for my needs. Posted by: Primekid from: on I live in the Pensacola, FL area. I did quite a bit of research, checked established review sites as well as customer reviews. Reviewed the specifications to make sure that I should be within good range of my local broadcasts towers and compared them with FCC signal strength data ( Keeping in mind that FCC signal strength data is based on outdoor antennas mounted 30 feet above ground. This antenna seemed to be the best choice per all the reviews for someone who has no choice but to use an indoor antenna and the specifications indicated that I should be well within range of a "strong" signal given my distance to my local broadcast towers. Unfortunately it still does not perform up to expectations nor needs. Two primary network broadcasts in my area (FOX and CBS), among others, are not strong enough to provide a viable signal using this antenna.

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Outstanding reception Posted by: Hooter from: on I picked up this antenna just to see if I could receive over-the-air broadcasting, contemplating a more elaborate and more expensive roof antenna if so. There is no need to get the roof antenna, this one has outstanding reception simply from inside my living room... in the mountains at Lake Tahoe. (The wall faces direct line of sight to the Reno broadcasting towers 30 miles away). The quality is better than the high priced cable service, which I promptly cancelled. Plus no more local station surcharges or regular rate increases or set top boxes. And I used existing cable wiring in the house to provide the split signal to TV's in all rooms. Very cool and I'm saving boatloads of money previously wasted on cable.

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Great product Posted by: Jimmy from: on Easy installation. Gets great reception. We are thrilled with being able to watch TV without suffering with cable. Get many stations - some of which aren't even available via cable. We were able to split the signal from the antenna through preexisting cable wiring in the house so one antenna can provide signal for multiple tvs. Low profile of antenna made it easy to conceal behind tv.

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Great Antenna Posted by: madthompson1 from: on Excellent indoor antenna Posted by: paogre from: on Our 15 year old tv having recently given up the ghost we bought a new Smart Tv and decided to see if the digital tv would provide better reception. So I bought a relatively cheap antenna as a trial. Was able to get 23 channels from 12 stations in the Pittsburgh Pa area, from 5-20 miles away. Although several are shopping/religious channels I still had 16 local channels to choose from although a couple did drop out at times the 4 main network stations were solid with clear reception. Decided to try this amplified antenna and we now get 17 stations and 34 channels in the same location although some of the new ones do drop out at times and a couple are duplicate programming. The ones that were dropping out on the other antenna seem to be more stable now. As only reports 18 stations and 37 channels available at my location I would not gain much by going with an outside antenna as the station/channels I am missing is 40 miles away and is actually duplicate networks. So we get the news and enough variety to get by and with the $100 savings from dropping the cable the wife is looking at some of the streaming options available on our new tv.

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Works in basement Posted by: pun28 from: on Works well in basement. I ended up returning the non-amplified version for this version.

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greta product Posted by: babbeone from: on I cancelled cable service about two months ago, and connected the coaxial cable to my old outdoor antenna on the roof. It worked ok for a while (did not get ABC, and Fox was sporadic), but in the last month the signal was on and off (had to go to the roof and shake the antenna several time every day). So I bought this product and I am surprised how good it is. I am getting more channels than with my old outdoor antenna including ABC and FOX perfectly. Somehow and this is a mystery I get ESPN and BBC channels (in different Ch # than when I had cable), lol. Great product.
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