Best Indoor antenna for HDTV

December 28, 2022
Make This Powerful HDTV

Side by side comparison to MOHU Leaf Posted by: Grover from: on We have the Leaf 50 mile radius antenna in the living room with very good reception. We needed a second antenna for another room. Decided to give Terk a try. First off, it is about $20 more; it's stuck to the inside of the box with double sided tape so you have to tear the box apart making the product nonreturnable. The cable that runs from the antenna to the TV is not very long and it's not removable so you can't replace it with a longer cable if you need to place the antenna further away from the TV. Before installing to the second TV, I decided to see how it did on the TV where we had the Leaf. I tried it in the exact spot where we got the best reception with the Leaf, and in several other places. Very poor performance. Stations that came in great with the Leaf were not even picked up and others tile so bad you can't watch them. Side by side comparison, I can't recommend this product. The reception on the second TV is also very poor. I'd gladly exchange it for another Leaf but the box is torn apart.

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Great indoor antenna Posted by: JimH from: on Cut the cord months ago and this is a great replacement to get local over-the-air HD channels

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On Sale For A Reason Posted by: Robin from: on I purchased a Roku TV from Best Buy on 7/21/16 and returned to buy a TV antenna the following day. I asked a Best Buy Electronics Department employee for a recommendation and provided the TV model and my current residence. I purchased the Terk antenna based on the recommendation. However, I've grown to regret my selection. The device found only two channels and worked from specific locations in my home. Best Buy lowered the price to rid itself of an inferior product. I plan to return the TV antenna immediately.

Really great in door antenna! Posted by: sourpickledill53 from: Kountze, Texas on I was surprised by how easy it was to put together! I live out in the country, it bring in over 21 channels. It not near a window neither. Works so good I going to get one for my living room.

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Better options Posted by: Rick from: on Was not satisfied with this antenna. Compared to the Moho Leaf, this antenna got very poor reception and was not very flexible with relocating it. Got more channels with the leaf in the exact same spot.

Works Great Posted by: Kamren from: on I purchased both a Clrearstream with a range of 35 miles and the Terk with a range of 50 and not only does Terk give me more channels but it gives me reception that I have a hard time getting from the Clearstream, which might be due to its shorter range. I haven't even stretched ithe cord out for better reception nor did I hang the Terk antenna on a window and it still gets great reception. I tucked the unit behind a picture in order to keep it up and tucked its cord behind the TV which sits on my kitchen counter as I did not have space for both the antenna unit nor the cord and it was never an issue with reception. I will now be getting another one to replace the Clearstream antenna,

It worked better than I hoped Posted by: macuser221 from: Houston TX on I bought this to use at a relative's home located in a country setting where even cell phone coverage is spotty. Neighbors who want TV must subscribe to a sateliite provider. On the web I checked on a FCC site that shows locations of TV transmitter towers within a 50 mile radius of a location you specify. I found that there were 4-5 towers that might be accessible within the range of this product. It worked. We plugged the antenna to the TV and moved it around for best reception, and are able to pick up 3 HD channels, major networks. I an very pleased.

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Best antenna for HD Posted by: notyou from: on Will pick up channels from 100 miles away, farther than advertised

Does the job Posted by: Andy from: on I get good quality HD TV and I'm about 30 miles from the closest antenna. Well worth it for local sports and news

good low profile HD antenna Posted by: devildog52 from: Lusby, MD on Antenna works great if you are not by a busy road which tends to interfere with reception

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