OTA HDTV antenna

July 31, 2023
Looking at the picture

Tablo antenna stylesAntenna Style Options
HDTV antennas cost approximately $20 to $200 and come in several different form factors:

  • Flat antennas – Are placed indoors, usually affixed to windows or walls
  • Table-top antennas – Are small and placed indoors on a flat surface
  • Attic mount antennas – Are mounted within your home’s attic
  • Roof mount/outdoor antennas – Are mounted on the outside of your home, either on the roof or another structure like a pole or tower
  • DIY versions – Some folks are even “MacGyver”-ing their own antennas from plans on the internet like this one and this one

Inline OTA AmplifierIndoor antennas are best for those living in urban areas, nearest to the broadcast towers. If you live in the suburbs or the country, further away from the broadcast towers, the more likely it is that you’ll need to move up to an attic or roof mount option which are also more expensive.

Many antenna manufacturer’s websites (like Winegard, Mohu and AntennasDirect) include searchable databases that can help you choose which of their products is best for your area.

Amplified or Unamplified?
One way for antennas to overcome size or height disadvantages is to use electronic amplification. Signal amplifiers are either built in (many indoor antennas already include this) or can be separate devices installed between the antenna and your Tablo. If you live in the suburbs or beyond, you should definitely look at an amplified antenna.

Uni-Directional or Multi/Omni-Directional?
A big part of capturing the most channels possible with your antenna is knowing where your local broadcast towers are located. If they’re clustered together you can point a uni-directional antenna at the broadcast tower source and you should receive a strong signal.

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