Off air antenna channels

October 15, 2023
Bowen Island - June 2016
Did you know that some DIRECTV customers may be eligible to receive non-local feeds of major broadcast networks? Eligibility is governed by federal law*, and is determined by several factors including:
  • You don't live near a metropolitan area
  • You can't get any TV reception whatsoever
  • You live more than 70 miles from TV station broadcast towers

Receiving HD Feeds via Off-Antenna
In some areas, we may offer standard local channels, but not HD channels. In these areas you may be able to receive local HD programs through an off-air antenna**.

*Under the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (SHVIA) DIRECTV is permitted to transmit non-local feeds of major broadcast networks "for private home viewing" to "persons who reside in unserved households." "Private home viewing" is defined as "viewing, for private use in a household by means of satellite reception equipment which is operated by an individual in that household and which serves only that household." An "unserved household" is defined as one that receives less than a Grade B signal from local TV stations. SHVIA requires that we use the Individual Location Longley-Rice ("ILLR") model to determine whether a customer resides in an unserved household.

**In cities where local off-air HD programs are available. Off-air antenna required; reception may vary based on geographic location. Programs not delivered in HD in all markets.

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