Best air antenna

April 13, 2024
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Did you know that the biggest factor affecting picture quality is often the type of antenna being used? Below are some recommendations for the best antennas to use based on your distance from our tower in order to get the best picture possible.

The first step is to calculate the distance of your TV from our transmitter. Here is how to get the most accurate distance…

- Calculate Your Distance From Our Transmitter – Go to and use the following location information:

News On 6, KOTV - Distance is calculated from the intersection of the Muskogee Turnpike and Oak Grove Road/101st Street near Oneta, and your home.

Tulsa CW, KQCW - Distance would be calculated from a point 1 mile north of the intersection of Highway 16 and County Road N320, between Taft, OK and Winchester, OK, and your home.

The next step is to select your antenna from the following choices:

- If you are within 25 to 30 miles of the transmitter: NOTE: To be used WITHOUT included amplifier!

- If you are within 30 to 50 miles of the transmitter:

- If you are 50 to 80+ miles from the transmitter:

Connecting the antenna and some other helpful tips.

- To connect your new antenna, you can use coaxial cable like this:

- If you need antenna aiming information, you can go here for assistance:

- NOTE: Amplifiers are not generally recommended except in areas beyond 75 miles from the transmitter.

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