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January 3, 2024
Winegard FlatWave - Best HDTV

There's no point in owning the latest TV technology with the crispest picture and fullest surround sound if the signal your TV receives is plagued by interference. Unfortunately, these days HDTV screens get all the attention and TV buyers all too often overlook the essential component of a TV antenna. With the right antenna, you can be certain you're getting the absolute best signal for crystal-clear images and accurately reproduced audio. Widespread cable TV means many people don't need to worry about antennas, but with rates always on the rise, nearly 60 million Americans choose an antenna TV.

Why Buy a TV Antenna?

With the conversion to digital TV signals, you'll want to make sure you buy a digital TV antenna. When you pair your TV with a digital antenna, the broadcast signal is reproduced accurately, even when the distance, direction or signal strength is less than optimal. If you live in an area with particularly weak local TV station reception, however, your image and audio can suffer, so you may want to consider an amplified digital antenna. And if you own an HDTV, like an LED TV or maybe a curved TV, and want to watch programming that takes full advantage of it, you'll want to look specifically for an HD antenna.

TV Antenna Considerations

The next thing to think about is where you're going to mount your new antenna โ€“ inside or outside your home. Indoor antennas are easy to set up, are less expensive, and are a great choice for homes less than 25 miles from the nearest tower. Outdoor antennas offer a greater range and are a better choice if your home is surrounded by obstacles or is more than 25 miles from the nearest tower. Best Buy has both indoor and outdoor digital TV antennas to suit any TV arrangement.

Finally, directional and multi-directional digital TV antennas offer reception suited to different geographies. If you live far from the nearest tower and most signals are coming from the same direction โ€“ think rural areas here โ€“ then a directional antenna is what you want. For urban and suburban settings, you'll be better served by a multi-directional antenna that can pick up signals from lots of nearby locations.

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