Best Indoor TV antenna amplifier

January 16, 2023
Clear Circuit Technology

Does the job, well engineered Posted by: JavaFan from: on I picked this item up in hopes that it would turn my cheap antenna into one that actually picked up a few stations. It did, but only 2 more channels. In addition to this amp, I picked up another more expensive antenna to see if that would make a difference. Using the amp with the more expensive antenna did the trick yielding the most channels and best quality picture of any other combination of gear I have. I should also note that this amp can be powered by either a free USB port of your TV or using an optional USB/wall jack adapter. Surprise! ...because Best Buy does NOT show this in the picture of the amp as of this post (but Best Buy DOES mention this in the item description). Fortunately, I had a spare USB port on my TV, so the amp hides so very nicely behind the TV - well done, Winegard! As this is the first TV amp I have ever purchased, I do not have anything to compare it to. That said, it seems to work well for what I purchased it for.

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great amplifier Posted by: UncleChuck from: on I purchased this amp from Best Buy and I don't lose any digital signals now. it does it's job...

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It works!! Posted by: ArthurW from: on I live near Issaquah, a suburb in the Seattle metro area. After installing this amplifier, the channels I with weak signal, now show clear and with a consistently strong signal, in addition I was able to channels I did not get before. Great product!!

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Signal amplifier Posted by: Irish from: on We bought this time to strengthen our over the air antenna reception. It works. We still have the cheapest digital antenna so maybe a better one will improve things even more.

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Great Booster Posted by: Grami from: Iowa on This works excellent with antenna tv. Eliminates most pixels and increases reception. I have one on my bedroom and living room tvs. With this and an tv antenna, I have been able to cancel my expensive cable and go to "free" tv. What a savings! This will pay for itself several times in just one month on the cable savings. Please do not misunderstand me, this does not pick up or aid in receiving cable channels unless you subscribe to cable.

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Good value Posted by: Westcareinc from: on It made a noticeable difference in signal quality...not huge but worth the relatively small price

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Winegard - Boost Ultralow Noise TV Antenna Amplifi Posted by: Judy from: on we purchased it for our RV and it didn't make any difference in the reception, we returned it

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Don't Bother Posted by: Richard2379 from: Burke, VA on Hooked the amplifier to my Mohu Leaf Antenna. I got fewer channels with poorer reception using the USB plug in on the TV. When I plugged it into the AC outlet, I got the same number of channels with more pixeling and breaking up.

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I Can See Posted by: TechNovice73 from: on Purchased two(2) for my Dad's TVs because he refuses to get Cable or Satellite. He now gets the same channels in the kitchen and his bedroom that he gets in the den using an attic antenna.

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It made no difference Posted by: JOELRU from: BROOKLYN, NY on I was having trouble getting reception without cable. I have a kitchen tv and didn't want to have cable there. I have boxes in other areas of my apartment. I had an indoor antenna and added it. I got even less stations when I re scanned. I returned it.

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