New antenna for digital TV

May 26, 2016
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Since the switch from analog (NTSC) television broadcasts to the new digital ATSC format in the United States, antennas are making a comeback. The digital transition has precipitated development of a flood of new technologies for receiving, displaying, and recording the new digital and digital high-definition programming. With prices falling daily, millions of consumers are buying new flat-panel and rear-projection television sets with ATSC tuners. Millions of other Americans are using digital converter boxes, supplemented by the federal government through the NTIA coupon program, so that they can receive and display ATSC broadcasts on their older analog televisions.

Antennas Direct is a leader in innovative antenna technology and development. We are always thinking outside the box to give our customers an antenna that will deliver crystal clear high definition television reception. Read from the resources provided below to see just how far antennas have come and determine what antenna is the best fit for your home.

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