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December 26, 2022
Watch TV the way you want it


The TV Guide app for iPad is the alternative to the essential app for TV tracking on the iPad. The app launches with having you load up your cable provider’s information. The setup is quick and painless. The app then very quickly loads up all of the channels you receive. The TV Guide will even badge episodes that are new. The app goes into the future to provide a way to plan out what shows you want to watch. The app also lets you track your favorite channels or shows through a favorite tab. The featured tab shows the top shows to check out during the week and the news tab gives you some major news of the week. The app allows you to easily change your cable provider as well. The app would benefit if they provided an optional ad-free paid version. The app in its current form is a nice way to track TV on your iPad.


EyeTV is another option for those wanting to truly take control of TV on their iPad. The app requires that you purchase the EyeTV hardware/software from Elgato. The hardware/software enables you to turn your Mac into a DVR. The iPad app will stream live TV and recorded TV right to your iPad. The reason it is mentioned in this guide is the other bit of functionality. When paired with the Mac app, EyeTV will show you all of the different stations you have access to. The app displays all of the details of the show and provides a nice way to browse what is on your local programming. EyeTV is a wonderful option for those wanting to take TV to the next level by streaming it anywhere you take your iPad. A simple login makes it easy over 3G too.

Yap TV - Social Guide to TV and iTunes

by, Inc


YAP TV Show Guide is an app that provides access to information on national shows from the USA. The app does not try to work with your local programming. It is designed more for the popular shows on the major networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS. The app has a great interface, and provides a place to discuss the shows. The app is flawed with the problem of not giving users regional information. The app is a great start and a nice option for many shows.

Decent Apps

My Local TV

by My Local TV


My Local TV is a free app that allows you to follow a single local TV news station. The app fails to deliver more than what you would gain from visiting their website. The app is not at all what it should be and does not really provide the user with any useful information. The interface is okay, but not great. If you are looking for TV info, then look elsewhere.

iTV Shows HD



Another app that fails to deliver is iTV Shows HD. The app is designed to let you track just your favorite shows and let you know when the next episode is going to be on. The app will provide you with detailed information about the different episodes and shows. The problem with this app is that it simply does not function. In our testing we were able to search for a show and add it to our list. When we went to refresh the information about the shows we added, nothing came up. The app in its current form is simply not a good app. The app has a great concept and we would to see a working/functional version of this app in the near future.


TV is an app with great promise, but fails to deliver. The app is plagued with frequent crashes and forgetting settings you previously inputted. The interface is beautiful, but the app simply is not stable enough to run with confidence. The app is one to keep an eye on as future updates are released.

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