Improve Indoor antenna reception

April 28, 2023
Mohu Leaf antenna in window

Do you live on the fringes of WERU's broadcast signal? You can try to improve your FM reception.

Phone: 207-658-7758

If you live on the fringes of WERU's broadcast signal, are frustrated with fuzzy reception, and you have access to the internet... you might try listening to WERU online. Click here for more information about listening online.


The bulk of the following information is centered on low cost ideas for improving your individual reception.

Factors Affecting Reception

FM radio waves can be affected by many factors ranging from terrain to equipment. In general, FM transmissions are lines of sight β€” similar to light waves. WERU’s 15, 000 watts are transmitted from Blue Hill Mountain (elevation 1, 000 feet). Unless an object (building, ridge, mountain, etc) is between you and Blue Hill, you should have clear reception up to 50 miles from the transmitter. After 50 miles, reception becomes a factor of the strength of the signal, as much as your location in relation to the transmitter. We have regular listeners (and members) in Skowhegan, Dover-Foxcroft, Bucksfield, and Harmony. In these cases, terrain and equipment are major players; these folks probably live on hills, and/or have outside rotorized (pointable) antennas.

Following are some suggestions for improving home reception through the addition or adjustment of receiving antennas. These methods may or may not work, but improving your antenna is the single best solution to reception problems (short of moving or installing a translator). The solutions offered here range from things you can do for free, to equipment you can purchase. We are not selling equipment, just passing along tidbits of verified reception lore for your listening pleasure.

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