Best Indoor HDTV Amplified antenna

October 25, 2023
Mohu Leaf

Didn't work for us Posted by: AlanFromAustin from: Austin, TX on I'm not going to trash this product just because it didn't work for us. I helped my daughter set up her grad school apartment in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The apartment is on the first floor of a building, and this antenna just didn't pull in enough signal to get even the local stations, and the ones it did pick up pixelated and froze whenever a train went by. There isn't enough cord on the antenna for us to get it close to a window, which might have helped. We exchanged it for a 50 mile amplified antenna, and that worked much better. This antenna might work for you, depending on your location, your position within a building, and TV placement. I'm cheap by nature, so I bought this one to see if it would work for me. It didn't, so I exchanged for a slightly more expensive one that did. If you have the patience, that's what I would recommend. Also, understand that antenna placement (and moving the little rabbit ear like things) might make a difference, so you have to be willing to fiddle with it a bit.

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Finally cable free! Posted by: brammy from: on I had no intention of going this far but after a 12 month Sling Deal I figured why not?? Asked a salesman about a "cheap" but good antenna and was pointed to this item. I have tried several antenna to get broadcast stations and none had done the job. After a learning curve of how to get my television to auto scan, I was shocked and delighted that this picked up 16 channels. That's the equivalent to old school basic cable! I do get pixelation occasionally but I got that with my HDTV cable box. The funniest part is. That this antenna made me realize my providers service was less than stellar HD. The picture is actually better, sharper, and clearer with this antenna!

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

Worth a look if you've cut the cable Posted by: StephenRP from: Cypress, TX on We cut the cable about a year ago, haven't regretted it at all, we saved a lot of money just subscribing to Netflix, Hulu and HBO and streaming on demand. The only thing we wanted to watch but couldn't was the Olympics. Why NBC don't offer a streaming subscription like they do for the Tour de France is a mystery. Bought this antenna so that we could at least get the local NBC station and see some events. Easy to set up, worked reasonably well, although we had to move it around a bit to find good reception. NBC's coverage sucked, so ended up buying a VPN subscription and watching BBC coverage instead. Disconnected and in a storage drawer now, probably won't get a lot more use, but would probably work for someone who wants to watch the network channels and not have to pay any subscription. For a one time cost of $30 it is good value if you use it a lot.

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Antenna Posted by: creekybird from: on I purchased an RCA - Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna because Time Warner continues to raise my rates. I didn't return the cable box the same day I purchased antenna. By the time I did, Best Buy has a 15 day return policy even tho' I had just opened the box up & tried hooking it up to find out I get NO channels. This purchase was a waste of my money when the Best Buy rep told me, I'd get up to 40 channels and it was one of their most popular ones. I tried exchanging it for another & couldn't due to their 15 day policy, which to me isn't enough time. I was also told some antennas don't work depending on where you are located. Why wasn't I told that to begin with I would of hooked it up sooner. Not real happy to have a brand new antenna that does no good to me. Just another technology piece sitting around my home. urghhh

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Good for local broadcasts without the cable co. Posted by: David from: Burbank, CA on I was looking forward to this since I cut the cord and even though I subscribe to a tv streaming service I thought this would be good as a backup. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab any of the local stations no matter how many times I tried. When reading the troubleshooting guide I discovered that since I live in a valley with mountains surrounding the area, the signal may not be getting through to me and I would probably need an external antennae to pull the local broadcasts in. So for now its in its box. I bought this as a bundle, but I may be able to use it in the future.

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