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January 13, 2024
Digital TV converter boxes
Winegard Converter Boxes
By law, on February 17, 2009 all American local television broadcast stations are required to turn off their analog channels and broadcast exclusively in the clearer and better digital television (DTV) format.

When this change occurs, anyone who receives free local television signals (ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.) through antennas with standard analog television sets will no longer be able to receive this programming in their home or RV without taking action to continue to receive local broadcasting. While the Digital Transition is still months away, consumers can prepare for it now and take advantage of the benefits DTV has to offer.

What is Digital Television (DTV)?
DTV is a type of broadcasting technology that allows local TV stations to provide new and better services. DTV provides dramatically clearer picture and sound.

DTV also enables local TV stations to provide several channels of programming at once. This is known as "multicasting". Interactive capabilities and data services such as on screen programming guides and significantly enhanced closed captioning are also offered through DTV; features not possible with analog technology.

Who will be affected by the DTV Transition?
Any consumer who receives free television signals through an
over-the-air antenna with standard analog television sets will be affected.

For millions of RVers who use a Winegard batwing antenna or other
over-the-air antennas to receive free local broadcasting, these antennas
are all 'Digital Ready' and can receive the DTV signal; however,
standard (analog) television sets are not equipped to process the DTV signal.

If you own a digital television or HD television with an ATSC tuner, or only use
satellite or cable for your television viewing, you will not be affected and will
not need to take any action.

To check whether your TV set can receive over-the-air digital broadcast signals, check your owner's manual, go to the TV manufacturer's web site, or simply stop by a Camping World store so a crew member can evaluate the TVs in your RV.
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